Digital Marketing Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

If your clients can't find you on Google, where can they?
In a world of ever changing digital marketing algorithms, it's critical to be at the forefront of your clients fingertips. With custom designed SEM campaigns through WIM, you'll be on the forefront of your clients decision making.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Think your business doesn't need to have a presence on Social Media? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Think again! 

This is one of the most innovative ways of catching a consumers attention through digital marketing! Be BOLD! Get your business found on Facebook and beyond. Be referenced so your potential clients can find you and share your information with their friends! Social media is the 'word of mouth' for the twenty-first century! Use the marketing agency that will get you at the top with Social Media Marketing, get with WIM!

Mobile Targeting

Want to stalk your customers? Then lets talk!

The ability to identify mobile users within close proximity of a specific location. Far more exact than zip codes or geo-fencing parameters, precision-targeting  can serve ads to specific longitude/latitude locations and even detect the difference between the actual store entrance and its adjoined parking lot. 

This is great for coupons and to catch a customer before they leave your store!

Why choose WIM for your Marketing Campaigns?

When you need to be found, be BOLD. In Fairfield County and the surrounding areas, consumers don't have time to waste when looking for a product or a service. WIM puts you at the top and makes sure you're their choice. Always.

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